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Chat Party July 8th Feedback!

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:25 pm
by Unknownhero
Oh gosh I totally forgot about making a feedback thread for the chat. If you have comments/concerns/questions/suggestions or excuses on why you missed this chat party! Post them right here.
Is there a way we can let everyone know about the chat party ahead of time without emailing everyone?  Preferably without the email spam would be great. Twitter and  Facebook is posted ahead of time so if you check those you should be able to come in time. Cayda is still working on the new php custom chat for Gamefruit so expect it to be awesome. Who liked the way we gave out prizes by the

Re: Chat Party July 8th Feedback!

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:15 pm
by Ren
As far as letting everyone know about the chat party, I think using email shouldn't be out of the question-- that's what got some people back to gamefruit in the first place. I think with a combination of email, facebook, twitter, and here on the site itself, that should cover most active members. Some people (like me) check email way more than facebook, or they might not have a facebook/twitter at all.
I thought the wheeldecide site was nice with the screensharing, so that everyone could see the spinning and it built up some suspense that way. I do think if we do it next time we should consider the following:
- every prize given it's own "slice" of the wheel
- reduce OR eliminate "non prize" spaces --> takes up a lot of time when we kept landing on empty spaces
- definitely wait until the end to do prize trading/giveaways
- maybe have alpha codes, items, etc. ready at the time of the chat party so all the prizes can be given out right away
Other than that, I'd be willing to help out again when/if we give out prizes again. I know now how to be better organized and prepared after doing it once. ^_^

Re: Chat Party July 8th Feedback!

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:40 pm
by Unknownhero
Emails can sit around forever in an inbox before members actually check their inboxes. Or outright not even get them. So for a time sensitive event its not a great option unless you're trying to sell something *grin*  Even then not everyone checks their email at the same time too.  Maybe we should check/put a option in the user profile if you want receive notifications of upcoming events. Is there already an option for it?
We still have two events we have to get over before we pick another another date for a chat party. Those two events need their own promotion too! So that may leave the next chat party to late august maybe? 
I would prefer Twitch for screensharing as it has so many options. We need to find someone who is good at running it. We do have a few old members who are into twitch, I wonder where they are....