Adult theme horse games?

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Adult theme horse games?

Postby Unknownhero » Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:54 am

I have been hearing about how horse games now a days are all kids game. Is it because that is what sells the best? What if there was a adult themed horse game out there? I'm not talking about 18+ Maybe more like 13+ age requirement to play the game. That mean it wouldn't be a kid friendly game. It would be a more mature horse game.

I think having a more mature theme in a horse game would open a lot more opportunities to the game to express story and other situations that you would never see in a kid's game.Like lost and death and diseases in the game, or having to put down a horse from an accident. I haven't seen that in the current horse games that are out there. Why do players get to ignore their horses when it would be considered abuse in the real world. Like having too many horses :)

There is so much stuff are there that could make a great story or background for a horse game yet it goes unused and unnoticed. Why are horses stuck to the pasture or the arena? Why do we use trucks and horse trailers to haul horses around? Why do we need "magic" to make the game fulfilling? Are we trying to cater to someone's fantasy?

Why do all the horse games have to be pretty and flashy? Is that the way the market is going? Is there more money in kid games? Of course the bigger question is, what happens when the kids grow up into teenagers and young adults. Are they going to age out of the whole horse game genre. That is like a huge untapped market waiting to be filled. A market that could easily spend money on things they don't really need but do want.

I like to see what new horse games are coming up with but I don't have my hopes up. I think they'll try to take the easy way out and go after the kids market. Then when players age out and become parents, they'll go after their kids too.
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Re: Adult theme horse games?

Postby GreyEffects » Sun May 13, 2018 5:00 am

Champion Blood being an old school SIM was always targeted at 16+, this allows us to have features such as one you mention of animals dying from an injury or diseases. I think we're able to get away with this easier since CB is completely free we don't need member to pay for upgrades to anything to keep the game running. Personally I find games that have an older audience is better, there is less drama and more mature conversations (or at least in my experience).

I must agree though, I struggle to find games with older audiences. Nearly every game I come across looks to be targeted primary at kids with buy-able upgrades/adds on that their parents will probably buy for them.

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