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ARPG anyone?

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:36 pm
by trahana
Have you heard of ARPG? It stands for Art roleplaying game. Currently it has exploded on DA, it seems like everyone is participating in some Species driven ARPG. An example of a popular species ARPG.

I'm curious if anyone would make a website that could be used to create a mechanized ARPG. ARPG-like game would have player designed animals. Unlike the never unique animals you get on most sims, each design is draw by hand by an artist(the owner, or someone else). I think it would be quite fun to have a sim community that is high in art, which would make it more community run.

All wishful thinking I suppose, considering most sims use the gallery. Games are so standardized now. Its either a gallery, dynamic images, or the single image for that animal color which everyone has.