Holidays! What do you plan for your players?

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Holidays! What do you plan for your players?

Postby Unknownhero » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:55 am

Owners out there with active games. What do you plan to do for your players during the holidays? Does it take up much of the schedule compared to regular game development? I know I'm planning a big event for Halloween yet that leaves little to nothing for Christmas or New Years. That is just a fact of game development. I don't think I could provide new things for every major holiday out there.

Do players expect something special for every holiday? Are they disappointed if nothing holiday themed shows up on the exact day the holiday comes on. What about holidays that even few know about?

This is a thought I had while trying to work on Dash's Halloween event. Which is coming on the 31st :) Hopefully.

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