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Jukedeck - Musical AI creates music for your videos and other things

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:21 am
by Unknownhero

Wanting to make your own music but don't know how? Well now you can using computer generated music to fit a certain theme you're looking for. I've already used it for two videos already and if you can find the right tempo it can work with what videos.

They offer several different licenses depending on what you're looking for and you can buy the music outright too. Check it out! Though the music created may not be up to par for certain tastes. I wouldn't use it for background music. I used Folk uplifting and melancholic choices to make some good old fashion music. I think piano could even work too. It may take several tries to produce music that is good to listen to so go take it a look and see what you think. I do recommend saving copies in case they decide to remove music that you wanted to save. :( I am not sure why they did that.