Best advice you can have for coding your game

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Best advice you can have for coding your game

Postby Unknownhero » Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:28 am

After experiencing bug after bug that would affect the gameplay of Dash and stop playtesters from actually testing the game! The most important advice I could give anyone is not to rush the coding of your game. Take your time, you do not want to spend 10 hours to fix one bug. It isn't worth it. You want a working bug free portion of the game that testers can sink their teeth into and avoid the areas that have bugs in them. So the bugs you need to fix are the ones that stop your players from playing the game. Any other bugs can be ignored and fixed days or weeks later.

If it is a misspelling who cares? If the art is wrong, so what? A game is more than the art and text in it unless you're doing a visual novel(Even then it shouldn't matter as much).

Once you have a stable bugfree game that plays well and doesn't kick/disconnect/crash/disappear/error players out. Slowly add in new features and code. Don't change anything if you don't have to! Add in one feature at a time even if takes a week to put it in. At least if the feature doesn't work, you still have a working game!

And the second thing is don't change things just because you can! If you are going to spend one hour to add in a feature in. Prepare 4 hours to fix any bugs that comes with adding that new feature in :)

I hope this advice is helpful to anyone who has to deal with show-stopping bugs

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