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Bankruptcy a way to balance the economy?

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 2:22 am
by Unknownhero
What if Bankruptcy was a mechanic used to balance the economy in a game of rich and the poor. The rich are the few players who find a way to exploit the economy and keep their advantage and the poor is the rest who are having to deal with having no advantage at all. I am not talking about pay to win games which are very exploitative and rely on $ being spent for advantages in the game. I am talking about a mechanic that can bankrupt rich players and force them to start from rock bottom. Unlike new players, a bankrupt player has lost their assets but also their debts. So they are still ahead than if they started over as a new player.

If bankruptcy as a mechanic is allowed in the gameplay to make rich players into poor ones. Then it will at least give the poor players who are the majority to rise up to become one of the rich ones. Will players reject and complain about this mechanic if it leads to chance of failure and fall into poverty.

Or should they take the risk as part of the game and work with it.